Welcome to our Home Panel application form. At Tesco, your voice matters and we would love for you to join our customer panel and take part in our surveys and home product trials.

Our survey topics can range from all things product to wider topics affecting your shopping experience, you may even have a chance to take part in our home product trials. Our tests vary in length, surveys many only take a couple of minutes, whereas product trials can take several weeks, please read our Privacy Policy, FAQ’s and T’s & C’s for further details.

After you have verified the link for your application you will be asked to complete a Product Review, please note that this must be completed for us to continue with your application.

Also, at the end of the process you will be asked to complete our Panellist Hints & Tips survey. This will explain how our surveys and tests work and provide you with guidance for future invitations.

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, simply, complete the below application form and if successful, a member of our team will be in touch!

A few points to note, for your application to be processed, your responses must match your Tesco Clubcard information. If you do not have your own Clubcard, but have use of another within your household, we can accept this providing it is registered to your home address.

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Do you consider yourself to have a disability or long term health condition? From time to time we would like to hear specifically from our customers who have additional needs when shopping with us. We are here for all of our customers and go the extra mile for those who might need assistance at all points of the shopping trip. With your help, we can improve our services, products and policies so that all of our customers feel comfortable shopping with us.

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