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Cookies and Local Storage

Why does this site use Cookies and Local Storage?

Cookies and local storage are technologies used by web browsers that allow the storing of information about your web browsing session. This web site requires the use of cookies and local storage in order maintain user authentication and to save the responses entered during the completion of a questionnaire or a form.

What information is stored in a cookie?

This site uses cookies to maintain the authentication of your session. This site also uses cookies to ensure that the session is secure and that no other user or website can hijack your session. No personal information is stored in the cookies used on this site.

What information is stored in Local Storage?

Local storage is similar to a cookie in that it is a temporary means of storing information about your session. The local storage on this site keeps information about your question responses and inputted data during your session. As soon as you complete a questionnaire, your local storage will be cleared out.

This information is provided in order to comply with the EU cookie law (e-Privacy Directive). For more information, please visit